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Here you can open and trader in your account from any where to open just login to your account.


FX is the most highly paid business but its only work when you have live account so open it


Our Experienced and trustworthy staff always ready to help you in all professional aspects.

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Opening an account is fast and ready to activate within 5 minutes from any place of the world. Open a FOREX account with us today to enjoy the benefits so many have already experienced. As Global Financial Forex (Nobelfx) customer, you can select from a full menu of professional services that have been specifically designed to meet your trading needs, including:



*   Spreads from 1 pip
*   Up to 200:1 leverage
*   Leader online trading software
*   Free real time charts and quotes
*   A wide range of financial tools
*   Trading terminal Meta-Trader 4
*   Instant Execution
*   Free 100$ bonus margin
*   Online support 24/5
   Account opening within 5 minutes from any part of the world!

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Trading Experience Information
  Yes No How long have you traded?* Frequency of Trades*
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Do you have experience trading currencies through interbank or OTC foreign exchange?*
Do you have experience trading CFDs (Contracts for Difference)?*
Do you have experience trading Spread Bets (UK residents only)?*
Have you carried out transactions, in significant size, on the relevant market at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous 12 months?*    
Do you have experience trading any of FXCM's offered product(s) with your own risk capital and without the advice of any third party? (If the answer is "Yes", please indicate which of the below products have you experience trading.)*    
If yes, please indicate which of the products you have experience trading.
Do you work, or have you worked in the financial services sector for at least 1 year in a professional position requiring knowledge of transactions or services related to FXCM offered product(s)?*    
Do you have any educational qualifications relevant to FXCMs offered product(s)?*    
If Yes, please specify:
Financial Information
Total Annual Income* Net Worth (Assets minus Liabilities)*
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